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I offered a ZenEating session at a large scale event, Zen 2.0, which is an international conference about Zen and mindfulness.

It was a two-day conference with lots of time for mindfulness programs, but this year it went online.

I believe you agree with me in terms of concentration, the longer you just listen to presentations online, the more tired you feel, and the less focused you are.

The purpose of the online program was to give the participants time to organize the information they received during the long one-way lectures.

The founder of the conference decided to adopt ZenEating as a program in the conference for this purpose. …

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The “Eating Meditation” that calms and fills the mind

Here’s what some of the “Zen Eating Meditation” participants said.

“My mind naturally calmed down and I was able to focus on myself.”

“I have been feeling tired because I couldn’t rest my head staying at home, but I felt relaxed and fulfilled by Zen Eating.

‘Just by eating, you can rest and relax your mind’

Have you ever experienced these types of things?

If you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted, just try taking 30 minutes to eat a meal

We are now facing anxiety about the future and the stress of not being able to meet friends and family.

Some of you may be feeling emotionally drained by the tension of the day.

In such cases, the most recommended method of recovery from fatigue, which can be easily done at home, is “eating meditation”. …


Momo Zen Eating

Founder of Zen Eating / Mindful Zen Eating Coach

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