Recovering from “Mental Stress” Just by Taking 30 minutes to Eat? -Mindful Zen Eating Meditation-

The “Eating Meditation” that calms and fills the mind

If you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted, just try taking 30 minutes to eat a meal

The imagination of the feeling of eating for the first time reduces fatigue.

Imagine the environment the food was cultivated in.

  • Observe the food with your eyes and nose, before eating
  • Place the chopsticks and utensils back on the table after every bite while the food is in your mouth.
  • Close your eyes (or half closed) and chew slowly.
  • Sharpen the senses of your tongue and your mouth
  • Appreciate the food from the bottom of your heart
  • Take your time to let yourself be consumed in the simple task of eating.


What is Zen Eating?

What will you do in a ZenEating workshop?

Great for corporate teams and groups




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