Mindful ZenEating Meditation has been Applied at an International Conference for 450 People [Event Report]

Momo Zen Eating
9 min readJan 9, 2021


I offered a ZenEating session at a large scale event, Zen 2.0, which is an international conference about Zen and mindfulness.

It was a two-day conference with lots of time for mindfulness programs, but this year it went online.

I believe you agree with me in terms of concentration, the longer you just listen to presentations online, the more tired you feel, and the less focused you are.

The purpose of the online program was to give the participants time to organize the information they received during the long one-way lectures.

The founder of the conference decided to adopt ZenEating as a program in the conference for this purpose.

During the lunch break, participants had the opportunity to meditate while eating.

Table of Contents

-What is Zen Eating?
-What is the conference Zen2.0?
-Learning 1: Eating meditation has a positive impact on deepening the learning, during online conference breaks.
-Learning 2: Experiencing the same thing online, where it’s hard to feel connected to others, is valuable
-Learning 3: Learning that is easy to take back to your daily life is valuable under this circumstance
-Impressions of ZenEating from the founder of the conference
-Impressions from people who have experienced Zen Eating
-For those who are organizing online events, seminars, conferences
-Try experiencing ZenEating


Zen Eating would be a good match for a long online event for these reasons:

  • You can do it while sitting in front of your computer, and the only thing you need to prepare is the food you eat.
  • You can get a deep rest in a short time because you will focus on your physical senses and get to turn off your brain for a while.
  • Since participants share a meal, they can feel connected to each other.

At this conference, ZenEating was attended by 200 people in real-time.

About 450 people signed up for the event, including those who watched the recording, which means that several hundred people experienced my Zen Eating session.

What is Zen Eating?

Zen Eating is a one-hour meditation-like mealtime experience followed by a dialogue.

This work, which allows you to experience meditation while eating, provides you with a Zen-like experience.

Most of the participants conveyed that they were able to sharpen their five senses by consciously doing the act of eating, which they usually tend to do subconsciously.

Zen 2.0 conference has adopted my Zen Eating session as this program has been received globally.

What is the conference, Zen2.0?

Zen2.0 is a global conference about Zen and mindfulness.

This conference is usually attended by company CEOs, managers, life coaches, and people that work in the industrial setting.

There were talks and lectures on a variety of topics from mindfulness, Zen, physicality, leadership, Japanese culture and the environment of the earth.

All the talks were wonderful and inspiring. (I’ll write about them someday!)

I’m honored to have been included among the distinguished speakers.


-Learning 1: Eating meditation has a positive impact on deepening the learning, during online conference breaks.

“I felt grateful not only for the people and ingredients that made the food but also for being able to participate in this conference, which made me feel a sense of fulfillment during my time at the conference.” -Manager of a company

“I was able to deepen my learning because not only did I listen to the lecture, but I was also given the time to practice and experience it in this session. It was helpful for me.”

-CEO of a company

I thought that experiencing ZenEating after being bombarded by a lot of information increases the quality of learning as it helps you to promote understanding the information on a personal level.

-Learning 2: Experiencing the same thing online, where it’s hard to feel connected to others, is valuable

“It was special that we could all experience the same thing at the same time online.”

In an online event where it is difficult to feel a connectedness to other people, experiencing the same thing together and sharing your thoughts makes you feel connected with others strongly.

It may be difficult to imagine this feeling, but I feel that it is a deep connection and kindness that can only be felt by those who have experienced sharing this kind of peacefulness.

-Learning 3: Learning that is easy to take back to your daily life is valuable under this circumstance

“I’ll start doing this at dinner today.”-HR consultant

I believe that the participants felt the value of learning that can be naturally incorporated into their daily lives.

As online conferences and seminars are getting common, “listening to a great speech by an authoritative person” is no longer as valuable.

Perhaps it’s a new age that conferences are including this kind of applicable work that can be easily practiced in everyday life.

A review from the founder of Zen2.0 conference on the use of ZenEating

By incorporating ZenEating in the conference program, participants were able to digest the information they received at the conference, wherein they gradually adopted it into their own lives, leading to a higher level of satisfaction for the whole program of the conference.

By including ZenEating in their lunchtime, the participants could choose either to take a break or attend a mindful eating meditation (ZenEating). It gave them more chances to choose, which also led to an increase in satisfaction.

As a founder, my impression is that adopting ZenEating was very effective in creating the overall atmosphere of the conference.

Our Zen2.0 conference was on the theme of Zen and mindfulness, so we were pleased to see how effective it was in creating the overall impression of the conference.

Mr. Koji Miki, co-founder of Zen2.0

Reviews from the participants

The choice of words of Momo, tone, and pace was exquisite, and the images came naturally to my mind. The calm expression on her face all the way through, her smile overflowing naturally, it was great!
-Female, 30’s, IT engineer

I would like to do this food meditation again and again.
-Male, 50’s, Consultant

I was impressed by her words about switching from overthinking to feeling more with one’s body.
-Female, 40’s Teacher

I realized that I usually take my meals in a hurry.
Slowly savoring the food made me appreciate how my body works.
-Female, 50’s Employee of a trading company

The guide that ‘we have everything we need’, resonated with me even more during eating.
I felt the gentleness in my heart grew by attending this session.
-Male, 40’s HR

Only four bites of rice filled me up. The definition of “full” has changed. I feel comfortable with a great sense of satisfaction.
I felt connected to everyone.
-Male, 40’s Zen Monk

I’m really glad I participated.
-Male, 30’s Self-employed

For those who are organizing online events/seminars/conferences

If you spend a lot of time listening to a talk online, you may feel tired or lose focus.

How about intentionally setting aside time to sort through the information you’ve received during a long, one-way lecture in your program?

Incorporating practical work may increase the satisfaction of the event.

If ZenEating can help you with this, I would be really happy to help.

Click here for details…

What is Zen Eating?

Zen Eating is Mindful Eating Meditation inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism.

Eating carefully, one bite at a time, with a guide, calms the mind, regulates your thoughts, and gives you a relaxing and positive feeling.

In the last four months, Zen Eating online had more than 500 guests from 30 countries.
It has also been adopted as a corporate team building and wellness program.

“We don’t pay attention to the meals in today’s busy world. Eating in a relaxed manner can give us a hint on how to enrich our daily lives”
I have received many comments like this.

I offer online workshops that are inspired by food and make you feel at peace.
Eating while sharpening the five senses makes everyday meals feel richer.
I look forward to sharing time to rediscover the joy of eating and life with you!

What will you do in a ZenEating workshop?

Learn to eat to enrich your life & access new ways of eating!
This is a perfect experience for you to enjoy every bite as you will learn to eat to enrich your life & access new ways of eating!

During this experience, I will take you on a 1-hour journey of eating meditation that will bring you peaceful and joyful energy.

First, we will meet online.

Then, this experience begins with an introduction to zen, including how to eat mindfully. I will guide you to induce relaxation through simple exercise and breathing techniques.

Next, we start eating in a relaxed state for 20 minutes. Mindful eating is one of the practices in Buddhism that is easy to implement in your own life. You may feel a connection with people, food, and nature. Eating together slowly in a calm and relaxed environment will leave you feeling more grounded.

Finally, we take a moment to share how we feel together. This is helpful for you to clear your mind, connect with others, and end the experience with a positive feeling.

Great for corporate teams and groups

Many companies applied this experience for team building and wellness activity. (Top IT Company from Silicon Valley U.S.A/ Consulting/ Venture Capital)

I accept groups up to 100! Contact me for more availability.



Developing and facilitating Zen Eating providing mindfulness practice through food inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism.
This online program has applied for a team-building and wellness activity by Google, Accenture, along with other companies and conferences.

She has helped over 500 people from 30 countries to have a peaceful mind in 4 months despite the circumstances that this Covid19 Pandemic as her program activates your senses by eating in a meditative state.

She is a cultural salad bowl by herself from her varied experiences from living in Egypt and India, traveling over 30 countries, having a grandfather that is a mountain priest of Japanese traditional way of training one’s mind.

Worked for the wellness dept of a luxury resort hotel Hoshino and IT food company Cookpad.
Graduated from Chuo University, the Faculty of Policy Studies, and studied Zen and Japanese culture.

She is writing a book and dreaming to make a documentary video of Zen Eating.