Recovering from “Mental Stress” Just by Taking 30 minutes to Eat? -Mindful Zen Eating Meditation-

The “Eating Meditation” that calms and fills the mind

Here’s what some of the “Zen Eating Meditation” participants said.

If you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted, just try taking 30 minutes to eat a meal

We are now facing anxiety about the future and the stress of not being able to meet friends and family.

The imagination of the feeling of eating for the first time reduces fatigue.

There is something about food that we were able to enjoy when we were kids and we are not able to enjoy today.

Imagine the environment the food was cultivated in.

In addition, a way to increase the effectiveness of mindful zen eating meditation is to imagine the environment in which the food was grown.

  • Place the chopsticks and utensils back on the table after every bite while the food is in your mouth.
  • Close your eyes (or half closed) and chew slowly.
  • Sharpen the senses of your tongue and your mouth
  • Appreciate the food from the bottom of your heart
  • Take your time to let yourself be consumed in the simple task of eating.


You can try “mindful zen eating meditation” to recover from your everyday fatigue.

What is Zen Eating?

Zen Eating is Mindful Eating Meditation inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism.

What will you do in a ZenEating workshop?

Learn to eat to enrich your life & access new ways of eating!
This is a perfect experience for you to enjoy every bite as you will learn to eat to enrich your life & access new ways of eating!

Great for corporate teams and groups

Many companies applied this experience for team building and wellness activity. (Top IT Company from Silicon Valley U.S.A/ Consulting/ Venture Capital)



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