Mindful ZenEating Meditation has been Applied at an International Conference for 450 People [Event Report]

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  • You can do it while sitting in front of your computer, and the only thing you need to prepare is the food you eat.
  • You can get a deep rest in a short time because you will focus on your physical senses and get to turn off your brain for a while.
  • Since participants share a meal, they can feel connected to each other.

What is Zen Eating?

What is the conference, Zen2.0?


-Learning 1: Eating meditation has a positive impact on deepening the learning, during online conference breaks.

-Learning 2: Experiencing the same thing online, where it’s hard to feel connected to others, is valuable

-Learning 3: Learning that is easy to take back to your daily life is valuable under this circumstance

A review from the founder of Zen2.0 conference on the use of ZenEating

Reviews from the participants

For those who are organizing online events/seminars/conferences

What is Zen Eating?

What will you do in a ZenEating workshop?

Great for corporate teams and groups




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